This week the compressor type MODULO 190/300 NG3 was installed by our client EPM GAS TECHNOLOGY FRANCE.

The compressor is the first of a series of two compressors that will be assembled in the French town of Passy.

Our MODULO compressor typology has been designed to be adapted to those types of stations that have a low consumption initially and that progressively increase their needs; since it allows the progressive increase of equipment up to a maximum of 3 so that all are managed by the same control.

You can learn more about the MODULO compression system and the rest of the manufacturing and packaging services on our website or by contacting our team.

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At Global Gas Energy (GGE) we have developed a the cooling system for gas installations. The CNG Cooling System is a system that has been designed for those filling processes of  CNG transport systems that have problems with temperature during loading.

This system allows the temperature at which the gas enters the transport systems during the filling process to be reduced, with the result that at the end of the filling process the temperature inside is lower than if the system were not in place.

To explain what this system consists of we have to start from the fact that when a gas is compressed its temperature increases, that is to say, anything that is hotter will occupy more space than one that this cold.

In places like South America there is no gas pipeline network as we have in Europe, which is why when gas is to be supplied to an industry that wants to consume large quantities, but is far away from the network, the only way to be able to bring gas to them is by means of trucks.

When a CNG truck is filled, the gas is compressed and at the same time heated, and after several hours it cools down so that the capacity of the truck is not used at 100%.

With the cooling systems what is done is to lower the temperature of the gas  before filling the transport trucks with gas, this way when the trucks are filled even though the temperature increases, as due to the initial temperature being lower the trucks end up be being up filled more. The system is always the same, an  AIR-WATER cooling system is installed  that lowers the water temperature to -5 or -15 ºC. This water is then passed through high pressure exchangers where the water cools the compressed gas to 250 bar. In a way that lowers the temperature.


Its application can be made on all those  main stations that fill trucks with CNG to take them to decompress in subsidiary stations that have problems with the temperature when filling the trucks.

CNG Cooling System success stories:

All of them are main stations that in their day had problems with filling.

  • Project in Peru (Talara): Gascop in 2013
  • Project in Peru (Lima): Energicas en 2014
  • Project in Colombia (Villavicencio): GNI in 2014

At Global Gas Energy we offer you the best solutions for gas industry equipment. Tell us your needs and we will develop the system that best fits your company.

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The Texas Container: the best gas equipment packaging solution

Global Gas Energy, manufacturing and packaging workshop of EPM Group, is a company that works worldwide in projects of the gas sector that has been implementing the innovative service of equipment and product packaging for gas stations during the last years.

The packaging is based on integrating any customized solution designed by our team of engineers in a maritime container. This service provides plug and play solutions adapted to the needs of each client’s project, simplifying the construction process and standardizing operations and the maintenance.

The main advantage of the packaging service is its comfort. In a reduced space a gas compression station is installed, always looking for the maximum efficiency of the equipment. Moreover, its format, inside a container, makes it much easier to transport. The installation costs and problems are also reduced, since the equipment is tested in the workshop, avoiding the usual inconveniences of the start-up.

At Global Gas Energy we adapt to each project we develop. Therefore, we offer different types of containers depending on their length and capacity. One of the most common packages is the Texas Container. It is a packaging solution of 40 feet in length and is divided into:

  • High pressure gas storage.
  • Compressors that compress the gas.
  • The electrical control panels that make sure that everything works automatically.

We can integrate electrical, mechanical and pneumatic installations with any type of variations depending on the needs of the project. Some of the adaptations can be:

  • Increase the number of container accesses.
  • Divide the space into enclosed rooms.
  • Soundproof some of the spaces.
  • Perform fireproof insulation

The equipment that we integrate inside the packaging are, for example:

  • Compressors
  • Engines
  • Storage
  • Tanks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Electrical panels

You can learn more about the Texas Container and the rest of the packaging service on our website or by contacting our team.

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