In Global Gas Energy we offer you the best solutions in packed way of products and equipments from the gas sector. This packages are customized with the needs of each client.

Our engineers analyze the case of your company to offer the most economic and efficient solution, keeping the standards of quality and safety needed.

The package system is based on integrating any solution that the client wants in a maritime container.


In the catalogue you will discover customized packed solutions with standarized plug&play systems.


We can integrate either electric, mechanic, or pneumatic instalations and do all kind of variations on the container. Some examples are the following ones:

  • Increase the number of accesses
  • To divide the container into enclosed rooms
  • soundproofing spaces
  • soundproofing spaces

Inside the packed equipments we can introduce other equipments needed for the required solutions:

  • Compressors
  • Engines
  • Storage
  • Tanks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Electrical panels


GGE can package witht he following typologies of containers :

Solutions packed into 40″ containers.

Solutions packed into 30″ containers.

Solutions packed into 20″ containers.

Solutions packed into 10″ containers.


  • Reduces the instalations costs: it allows to build instalations faster on site.
  • Reduces problems on site: the equipment is tested at the workshop, avoiding the habitual problems during the start-up
  • Simplification of the instalations: being a block, the instalations between equipments has been drastically reduced.
  • Transportable system: the packetization format allows the transportation in an easy way.