Global Gas Energy (GGE) is the EPM Gas Technology’s group manufacturing and packaging workshop that takes projects worldwide in the gas sector.

We supply plug and play solutions adapted to the needs of each project to simplify the construction processes and standardize the subsequent operation and maintenance.



We manufacture either for our group companies or for our clients. We use generic references in order to reduce the total amount of components and parts used in the design of different aplications. This allows to increase the effectiveness of the gas instalations in the operative and maintenance phases.


We package all kind of equipments to bring the best solution to each problem. Our engineering office defines the most economic and eficients customized packages, maintaining the high standards of quality and safety.


We design, install and do maintenance tasks of gas equipments in different sectors as: GNC, NGV, GNL, PIPE LINE, BIOGAS/FLAREGAS, WORKSHOP and others. To do it, we work with standarized and customized products, with different equipment lines for diverse applications.


GGE equipments are designed to satisfy the needs of each sector in certain processes. Our operations and maintenance department analizes the particular problem of each client to afterwards offer customized solutions.



Full service

Our edge is the full service we offer. This is based in three phases: manufacture of equipments in the gas sector, instalation and maintenance.

Experience acquired

Our clients have the benefits of our know how acquired by the company, which allows us to find the optimal solution that reduces the instalation costs, keeping high quality standards.

Worldwide presence

GGE products are commercialized worldwide either by the group EPM Gas Technology or by sales agents.